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How a Stay-At-Home Mom from Utah Made $3.7 Million in Sales on Amazon (Selling Kids Stuff)

January 28, 2020

Do you feel like your life doesn’t give you any time for yourself?

You want to focus on the things you love, but your work and responsibilities drain your time away.

If only it was possible to earn the money you need and still have time left over.

This was how Christine Krogue used to feel…

But one great idea later and everything changed!

She decided to take a chance on Amazon by becoming a seller.

By the end of 2017, Christine had sold a reported US$3.7 million worth of products using the platform.

Today she is a successful entrepreneur. She’s featured on ABC and is one of the numerous Amazon successes. This is her story.

Turning an Idea into Profit

Christine was a stay-at-home mom in Salt Lake City. She had four children and little spare time. She spent days thinking about how to improve her life and the lives of her kids.

One day, she sewed socks onto a pair thermal pants so that her youngest child couldn’t take them off. That’s when the spark of inspiration hit her:

“Why shouldn’t I sell this to other moms?”

She found a manufacturer that could make the product, and started selling on Amazon.

The business grew over the years. Her store attracted people interested in children’s products.

That’s why she decided to sell toys and other things.

What started at a few sales a week became a hundred sales a day.

A few years later, she earned her first million.

Until You Have Time to Spare

The organic growth of her Amazon store allowed Christine to have more spare time. Her products made Amazon’s top-selling lists. And she kept expanding on her niche as her popularity grew.

She finally had all the time she wanted to spend with her kids.

It’s been really great in terms of work/life balance and flexibility for me. I do my children’s carpools. I take them to piano lessons. I can be home when they’re sick,” she says.

It’s possible to start an Amazon store from scratch. You just need to take action, follow the right system, and be persistent till you reach success.

Because, when you find a “big winner” product it could be life changing for you.

Watch this video to get 3 of my best tips on Amazon product selection