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$92,000,000,000 Reasons to Sell on Amazon on *this* Monday

January 28, 2020

Ready for a big 2020? Maybe it’s the year you start your own spare-time Amazon store?

Because there’s “vast oceans” of potential sales to be had on Amazon – and 2019’s Cyber Monday proves it.

You see, Amazon breaks a sales record at the end of each year.

This past Cyber Monday on 2 December became the biggest sales day in the company’s history… Just like each of the previous years.

According to ShopperTrak, the number of online shoppers is increasing annually. Brick-and-mortar store sales have fallen 8% in the United States compared to the previous year.

The future of online stores is now.

Cyber Monday brought in more than $9.2 billion in sales for Amazon. That’s 17% more than last year.

About a third of those sales came from smartphones, almost double from last year. And the trend is rising rapidly.

John Copeland, head of marketing and consumer insight for Adobe, commented on it:

Consumers capitalized on deals and ramped up spending. Especially on smartphones. The activity increased on days when shoppers were snowed and rained in.”

Just imagine what could potentially have been if you’d had a hot selling product on Amazon during this time period? You could have put your bucket in that immense river of wealth.

The good news is that Cyber Monday will come again. And if you create your store today, you’ll put yourself in the perfect position to take advantage of it next time.

You can manage your store from the comfort of your home. Prepare your store for potential big sales and holiday seasons. Become a part of the ever-growing online marketplace.

Now, how do you start? Your first step is to watch this 6-minute video on smart-product selection.